Howard Wong

  • BCL (Oxon)
  • LLB (LSE) (First Class Honours)

Year of call

  • 2018

Practice areas

Insurance Law
Personal Injury
Banking and money-lenders' disputes
Cross-border disputes


Howard Wong joined Chambers as a tenant in 2018 after serving pupillage with Ms. Maggie Wong SC, Mr. Jenkin Suen SC, Mr. John Hui and Mr. Christopher Chain. After graduating from the London School of Economics, Howard pursued the postgraduate BCL at the University of Oxford. He was awarded the Hong Kong Bar Scholarship in 2018 and the Charles Ching Memorial Scholarship in 2019.

Howard is currently developing a broad civil practice and accepts instructions in all of DVC’s principal areas of practice. He has delivered CPD talks on areas which include probate and trusts, and securities and futures law.

  • Convoy Collateral Limited v. Cho Kwai Chee & Ors. (CACV 197/2020) – application for Mareva injunction on appeal to freeze assets in excess of HK$760 million (with William Wong SC, JP and John Hui).
  • Mak Hin Kwan v. Wiki Capital Finance Limited and Ho Kai Hei Daniel (HCA 2617/2018) – resisting application for striking out involving points of law such as adverse possession, resulting trust, limitation, common intention constructive trust and the Land Registration Ordinance (Cap. 128) (with William Wong SC, JP and Alan Kwong).
  • Re: China Cultural City Limited (HCCW 313/2019) – resisting a winding up application brought on the ground of an allegedly undisputed debt (with John Hui).
  • Re: Hsin Chong Construction Company Limited and Hsin Chong Construction (Asia) Limited (HCCW 239/2018 & HCCW 316/2018) – application for the appointment of provisional liquidators (with John Scott QC, SC, JP and Patrick Chong).
  • Re: Chan John Loong Fai [2019] HKCFI 1886 (HCB6991/2017) – representing the Official Receiver in an application to determine whether a candidate was fit to be a trustee in bankruptcy (with Christopher Chain).
  • China Wah Yan Healthcare Limited & Ors. v. Dr. Chan Leung Kwok Clement [2019] HKCFI 2047 (unrep, HCA 923/2019, 19 July 2019) – resisting application for an interlocutory injunction to enforce restrictive covenants in an employment contract (with William Wong SC, JP and Vincent Chiu).
  • Sophisticated Materials Limited v. Sidepec International Limited and Lei Shing Hong Credit Limited [2018] HKCFI 2836 (HCA 157/2017) – strike out application regarding resulting and common intention constructive trusts (with Christopher Chain).
  • Zhang Yan & Ors. v. ASA Bullion (HCA 1555/2018) - resisting an application for the release of funds pursuant to an earlier freezing order (with Cherry Xu).
  • CTBC Bank Co., Ltd v. Campus Garment Manufacturing Company Limited (HCA 305/2016) – trial in Chinese for enforcement of guarantee by a bank against a guarantor (with Michael Lok).
  •  黃正謙 v. 施榮懷 (HCA 2284/2018) – action defending against allegations of intimidation, harassment and unlawful means conspiracy (with Christopher Chain).
  • City Palm Ltd & Ors. v. Fan Chin Wa (DCCJ 6062 to 6064 of 2018) – action concerning the recovery of land, unjust enrichment, and proprietary estoppel (with Alan Kwong).
  • SEMK Products Limited v. SEMK Global Marketing Limited – claims for monetary and injunctive relief for infringement of registered marks and passing off (with Connie Lee).
  • Incorporated Owners of Shatin New Town v. Cheung Kwok Keung (DCCJ 2684/2019) – resisting an application for injunctive relief to restrain publication of allegedly defamatory statements (with Lawrence K F Ng).
  • Ho Ka Fai v. CASCS (Hongkong) Technology Limited (DCCJ 4062/2019) & Chen Yuejin v. Hongkong Pai Li Te Trading Co., Limited (DCCJ 6414/2020) & Ng Pui Yin v. HK My Trading Limited (DCCJ 3961/2020)– acting for the defendant against a claim of money had and received
  • Wang Jun v. Sin Yuk Hung & Anor. (HCA 2917/2018) – resisting a summary judgment application for the recovery of debt (with Alan Kwong, before Master; as sole advocate on appeal).
  • Fan Ming Kiu v. Urban Property Management Limited (HCPI 181/2017)
  • Essilor Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd v. Wong Kam Wai (HCA 159/2020 & CAMP 23/2020) – application for allowance for legal expenses under a Mareva injunction order (as sole advocate) and resisting an application to continue a Mareva injunction (with Jin Pao SC).
  • SBI Pan-Asia Private Equity Fund & Anor v. Wu Youzhi & Anor (HCMP 370/2020) – ex parte application for Mareva injunction up to the value of HK$153 million (with Kerby Lau)
  • Theodorus Gerardus Schoemaker v. JS Anchor Capital Management Limited (DCCJ 3209/2020) – claim for restitution and proprietary remedies arising from email fraud.
  • 南京涵恩物资有限公司 (“P”) v. 吴惠娣 (“D1”) & 吴立 (“D2”) (HCMP 1472/2020 & HCMP 1931/2020) – ex parte application for Mareva injunction orders, pursuant to the Chabra jurisdiction
  • GM Commercial Consultants Corp. v. Euro-Asia Zhong Ji (HK) Ltd & Jilin Trading Company Ltd (HCA 651/2019) – appeal against Master’s decision refusing to set aside a default judgment (with William Wong SC); resisting an appeal against the Judge’s decision to set aside said default judgment (as sole advocate)

Selected Paper Work

  • Advising on a cross-border shipping and insurance problem (with Charles Sussex SC)
  • Advising on the quantum of employee compensation claims
  • Bar Scholarship (2018)
  • Charles Ching Memorial Scholarship (2019)
  • Oxford University Press Book Prize for winning the UK Rounds of the Jessup Moot (2015)
  • Nicola Lacey prize (2013)
  • CPD Talk - “Updates on the Law relating to Probate and the Administration of Estates” (16 October 2018, with Kerby Lau)
  • CPD Talk - "Wills, Beneficiaries and Disappointed Dependants" (11 October 2019, with Kerby Lau)
  • HKICPA Talk - “Personal Insolvency” (1 December 2018, with Tiffany Chan)