Terrence Tai

  • BA (Cantab)
  • JD (HKU)
  • BCL (Oxon)

Year of call

  • 2016


Terrence joined Des Voeux Chambers as a tenant in 2016 after obtaining First Class Honours in his juris doctor degree (ranking second in his year), and a Distinction in the Bachelor of Civil Law degree at the University of Oxford.

Terrence was awarded the Bar Scholarship and the Charles Ching Memorial Scholarship in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Terrence is developing a broad civil and commercial practice and has been involved in cases concerning trusts, probate, land, company and corporate insolvency matters. He is fluent in English and Chinese.


Selected Cases

Company and Insolvency

Re ATV HCMP 1278/2017 – Scheme of Arrangement

Re Enice Holding Ltd [2018] 4 HKLRD 736 – Scheme of Arrangement

Re JB Equity Ltd HK Ltd HCMP 554/2018 – Unfair prejudice petition

Re Sandmartin International Holding Ltd HCMP 1044/2017 & CACV 240/2017 – Inspection of documents under s.740 of the Companies Ordinance; stay of execution pending appeal

Re Buy Together HK Ltd HCCW 212/2016 – Conversion of compulsory winding-up into voluntary winding-up under s.209A of Companies (Winding up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance

Re Pearl Oriental Oil Ltd [2018] HKCFI 2559 – Restraining directors from acting as chairman

Re Great Faith Properties Ltd HCMP 659/2018 – Application to restore a deregistered company

Re China City Construction (International) Co Ltd [2019] HKCFI 1617 – Application to wind up a company in voluntary winding-up

Re Topmix International Company Ltd HCA 1382/2011 – Common law derivative action based on breach of fiduciary duties and constructive trust

General Civil and Commercial

Ipson v IO of Connie Towers HCCT 26/2014 – Trial, breach of contract for repair and maintenance works to be carried out at residential properties

BMC Global Ltd v Tor Asia Credit Master Fund Lp HCA 2392/2016 – Interlocutory injunction to restrain exercise of powers under debenture and disposal of company assets

Jingtian v Stephen Liu HCA1103/2017 – Resisted Interim injunction against listed company and its chairman based on alleged defamation

Zhi, Charles v Michael Kor HCA 977/2016  – Application to strike out claim against listed company

Convoy Global Holdings Ltd v Cho Kwai Chee Roy HCA 2922/2017 – Acting for a former director in respect of alleged wrongs committed against companies

Re Yuen Lai Gwen HCB 8839/2016  –  Bankruptcy petition representing the petitioner

Asset Recovery/ Civil Fraud

GF Trading SA v Mingzi Trading Co Ltd HCA 2011/2017

JRJ Investment Fund Ltd v Baitongyuan Trading Co Ltd  [2018] HKCFI 167

Bitfury Group Ltd v Hongkong Zitan Trade Ltd HCA 2011/2018

Intl Fcstone Markets LLC v Hong Kong Ruilongxiang Trading Co Ltd HCA 763/2019

Protech Home Medical v Huasite Trade HCA 797/2019

Mental Health Law

To Lee Wah v Yum Huin Ming [2019] HKCFI 1441 – Trial, validity of enduring power of attorneys

Acted in various contentious and non-contentious applications under the Mental Health Ordinance, including application for directions, interim relief and interim receivers, appointment of Committee, sales of properties, and appointment of s.24 payee.  Advised committees and interested parties in Part II applications under the Mental Health Ordinance: (1) Re CKY HCMH 67/2016; (2) Re WHY HCMH 72/2016; (3) Re CFS HCMH 70/2017; (4) Re YHM HCMH 62/2017 (5) Re LSL HCMH 91/2017; (6) Re CKY HCMH 7/2018; (7) Re TSH HCMH 69/2018; (8) Re NYMT HCMH 32/2019; (9) Re FSKB HCMH 60/2019.

Employment & Confidential Information

Hong Kong Scrap Yard Ltd v Cheung Chi Yuen HCA 1044/2018 – Claim against former employee for misappropriating company property and seeking interlocutory injunctive relief

MiraDry, Inc v James Lam [2018] HKCFI 2452 – Mareva Injunction in aid of arbitration against former employee for breach of duties

Oracle Systems Hong Kong Ltd v Yang Xiaoxi HCA 1215/2019 – Interlocutory Injunction against former employee for making use of company’s trade secrets

A v B [2019] HKCFI 1769 – Interlocutory injunction, breach of confidence, harassment and defamation

Private International Law

Dickson Valora Group (Holdings) Co Ltd v Fan Ji Qian [2019] 2 HKLRD 173 –  “quasi-contractual” anti-suit injunction against a respondent who was not party to the relevant arbitration clause

Dickson Valora Holdings Enterprise Co Ltd v Moravia CV [2019] HKCFI 1424 – application to stay unfair prejudice petition in favour of arbitration

Step Perfect Ltd v Gregory Goldstein & Anor HCA 846/2017 –  Stay of proceedings, forum non conveniens, dismissal of interlocutory injunction application


HKIAC Arbitration – Claim by sub-contractor against a contractor under pile removal sub-contracts

HKIAC Arbitration – Claim under an investment agreement

ICC Arbitration – Claim under convertible note

  • Charles Ching Memorial Scholarship (2016)
  • Bar Scholarship (2015)
  • 8 other scholarships and awards
  • Tutor, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong
  •  2016年普通法精要---國際商貿法律實務課程

Fluent in English and Chinese