Process Overview

Life at the bar can be a mystery to many law students. Through our structured Mini-Pupillage program, since an early stage of their studies, students have the opportunity to interact with and shadow members of Chambers to experience life as a barrister, and to seek advice from those who have travelled on similar paths before.

Successful mini-pupils are offered Pupillage, which typically lasts for a duration of 9 months, spent with three respective pupilmasters (consisting of Silks and/or Senior Juniors).  Pupillage offers may be made as early as three years prior to the commencement date of pupillage.

Upon completion of a 9-month pupillage, pupils are encouraged to apply for Tenancy, which applications are considered and membership is elected by all members of Chambers, with one vote per member, regardless of seniority.

Junior members will continue to find ample opportunities to work with, and be led by, more senior members of Chambers.  It is our hope, and vision, that our members undergo continuous education in the course of developing a thriving practice at the Bar.

Moreover, as part of our long-term vision, members of Chambers also contribute to a range of Academic Scholarships and Fellowship Grants, including all-expense paid fellowships awarded to distinguished academics from the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge to visit the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong for an extended period. 


Process Overview