Vincent Chiu Spoke at “The Role of Commissions in Calculations of Employees’ Statutory Entitlements”  Lunch Seminar

12 May 2023

On 9 May (Tuesday), the [HKIHRM] Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management hosted a lunch seminar named "The Role of Commissions in Calculations of Employees' Statutory Entitlements" at the DVC Conference Centre. Vincent Chiu from DVC was invited as a speaker to share with human resources professionals about the recent case law (Mak Wai Man & Ors v. Richfield Realty Ltd) regarding the calculation of statutory entitlements in cases where commissions take up the majority of the employee’s compensation package. Vincent also shared with the audience some practical tips and his views on how the authorities would be applied in future, in cases where the commission involved is not team-based or not paid on a periodical accrual basis.


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