DVC Members Contributed to the Feature Articles In Hong Kong Lawyers on the Security of Payment Scheme in Hong Kong

10 January 2023

DVC members Calvin Cheuk, Kaiser Leung and Joshua Yeung contributed to the Feature Articles in the latest issues of Hong Kong Lawyers (Dec 2022 and Jan 2023 issues) on the Security of Payment (“SOP”) scheme in Hong Kong, canvassing its background and the lessons learned from the experiences of statutory SOP regimes in other jurisdictions.


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Part 1: An Overview of Hong Kong’s Unique Construction Payments Adjudication Scheme

Part 2: Nature of Adjudication: Impact of Interim Account Adjudication Decisions on Final Account Assessments


For the full version of Hong Kong Lawyer issues, here are the links: 

Dec 2022 Issue

Jan 2023 Issue



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