Johnny Mok, SC, BBS, JP


Johnny Mok SC, BBS graduated from Diocesan Boys’ School in Hong Kong and Philips Exeter Academy in the US in 1975 and 1976 respectively. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in English from York University in 1980 and in History and Education from the University of Toronto in 1981. Later, he finished his studies of Bachelors of Laws and Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (with five distinctions) at the University of Hong Kong in 1985 and 1986.

Johnny Mok SC, BBS was admitted to the Hong Kong Bar in 1986. In 2006, he was appointed Senior Counsel by the Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal. He has been appointed by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress to be one of 12 members on the Basic Law Committee. In 2013 and 2016, he was appointed as a Justice of the Peace and awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star respectively.

Johnny Mok SC, BBS’s practice is centred on cases involving public interest (especially in the field of constitutional law, Basic Law and administrative law). He regularly represents the Hong Kong Government, Secretary for Justice and various public bodies. Johnny Mok SC, BBS also has a range of practice encompassing a wide spectrum of commercial matters, telecommunication, securities transactions and commercial crimes. He also has a deep interest in areas ranging from FinTech, RegTech, use of big data and other technology-related legal issues and advises public bodies and private enterprises on these matters.

Judicial Review in Hong Kong (2nd Edition, LexisNexis), co-authored by Johnny Mok SC, BBS and Richard Gordon QC in England, has been adopted by the University of Hong Kong as its textbook at the Department of Law.

  • Bronze Bauhinia Star (2016)
  • Member, Basic Law Committee, appointed by the National People’s Congress (2007 -  up to present)
  • Justice of the Peace (2015 - up to present)
  • Advisor, Our Hong Kong Foundation (2015 - up to present)
  • Advisor, Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre (2010 - up to present)
  • Member, Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee Working Group (2015 - up to present)
  • Door Tenant, Brick Court Chambers, London (2007 to now)
  • Senior Counsel, High Court, Hong Kong (2006 - up to present)
  • Member, Air Transport Licensing Authority, Hong Kong (2001 – 2003)
  • Member, Hong Kong Consumer Council (1989-1994)
  • Advocate and Solicitor, Supreme Court, Singapore (admitted in 1993)
  • Part-time Member, Hong Kong Central Policy Unit (1992)
  • Sham Wing Kan v Commissioner of Police, CACV 270/2017 (2.4.10: CA)
  • Cheung Tak Wing v Director of Administration, CACV 577/2018 (14.2.10: CA)
  • Designing Hong Kong Ltd v Town Planning Board [2017] 2 HKLRD 60 (CA), FACV 4/2018 (CFA)
  • Hung Shui Fung v Director of Food and Environmental Hygiene, CACV 489/2018 (16.12.19: CA)
  • HKSAR v Lew Mon Hung (2019) 22 HKCFAR 159 (CFA)
  • Chief Executive of the HKSAR v Leung Kwok Hung, CACV 200/2017 (15.2.19: CA)
  • Competition Commission v Nutanix Hong Kong Limited & Ors (Discovery) CTEA 1/2017 (14.3.18: Competition Tribunal)
  • Chan Ho Tin v Lo Ying Ki Alan & Ors HCAL 162/2016 (13.2.18: Au J)
  • HKSAR v Wong Ying-ho Kennedy & Ors DCCC 190/2017 (8.1.18: HH Judge Douglas Yau)
  • Chief Executive of the HKSAR v Clerk to the Legislative Council & Ors [2017] 4 HKLRD 115 (Au J)
  • Competition Commission v Nutanix Hong Kong Limited & Ors (Public Interest Immunity) CTEA 1/2017 (28.3.17: Competition Tribunal)
  • Yau Wai Ching v Chief Executive of the HKSAR [2017] 1 HKLRD 460 (CA), (2017) 20 HKCFAR 390 (CFA)
  • Sin Chung Yin Ronald & Ors v The Dental Council of Hong Kong (2016) 19 HKCFAR 353 (CFA)
  • The Registrar of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants v X CACV 244/2016 (20.10.17: CA)
  • Kwok Cheuk Kin v Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs (2017) 20 HKCFAR 353 (CFA)
  • Chau Hoi Shuen, Solina Holly v SEEC Media Group Ltd (2015) 18 HKCFAR 582 (CFA)
  • Leung Hon Wai v Director of Environmental Protention FACV 2/2015 (18.12.15: CFA)
  • Commission of Inquiry into the Collision of Vessels near Lamma Island on 1 October 2012 (Report: April 2013)
  • HKSAR v Wong Yuk Man (2012) 15 HKCFAR 712 (CFA)
  • Secretary for Justice v Commission of Inquiry on Allegations relating to The Hong Kong Institute of Education [2009] 4 HKLRD 11 (Report: June 2007)       
  • Ming Shiu Chung v Ming Shiu Sum (2006) 9 HKCFAR 334 (CFA)
  • Baker & McKenzie Postgraduate Prize (for Revenue Law and Commercial Law and Practice)
  • David Ling Prize (for most promising potential legal practitioner)
  • Maxwell Law Prize (for most promising student intending to be a barrister)
  • YM Wong Memorial Prize (for Conveyancing and Probate Practice)
  • Woo Po Shing Medal in Law (for best performance in advocacy)
  • Simon Lee Medal in Law (for best LL.B. degree)
  • Baker & McKenzie Prize (for Law of Business Association)
  • Baker & McKenzie Scholarship for International Summer Clerkship
  • Hong Kong Team, Jessup International Moot Court Competition Washington D.C.
  • Winner’s Cup, Mooting Competition
  • Bernard Downey Book Prize (for all round achievements)
  • Representative of Hong Kong in Jessup International Moot Court Competition at New York City
  • Ho Food Prize (for academic achievements)
  • Member, Dean’s Honour Roll, York University
  • Member, Cum Laude Society, Phillips Exeter Academy
  • Co-authored with Richard Gordon Q.C. & Johnny Mok S.C., Judicial Review in Hong Kong