Anson Wong, SC, JP

  • LLB (University of Hong Kong)
  • PCLL (University of Hong Kong)
  • LLM (University of Cambridge)

  • Tel: +852 2526 3071

Year of call

  • 1999 (Hong Kong)
  • 2014 (Hong Kong Inner Bar)

Practice areas

Professional Negligence
Contentious Probate


Anson Wong SC, JP obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of Hong Kong (1st Class Honour) and his Master of Laws degree at the University of Cambridge. He was admitted to the Bar in 1999 as the only Bar Scholar of that year. In 2014, he was promoted to the rank of Senior Counsel at the age of 37. Anson has been appointed by the Chief Justice as a Deputy High Court Judge of the Court of First Instance and by the Government to sit in various quasi-judicial boards and tribunals.

Anson is a seasoned litigator with a broad range of civil and commercial practice encompassing company and securities law, insolvency matters, domestic and international commercial disputes, intellectual property law, property and trust matters, probate and administration of estate, and professional negligence claims. Throughout his practice, Anson has represented many well-known commercial entities, business tycoons and celebrities in a wide spectrum of civil disputes. Apart from court litigation, Anson has also participated in various domestic and international arbitrations as an advocate or an arbitrator.

Since 2012, Anson has been ranked in the renowned “Chambers & Partners”.

  • Member of the Panel of Arbitrators for the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration
  • Council Member of the HK Bar Association
  • Chairman of Banking Review Tribunal
  • Non-Executive Director of Insurance Authority
  • Chairperson of Resolvability Review Tribunal 處置可行性覆檢審裁處主席
  • Chairperson of Resolution Compensation Tribunal 處置補償審裁處主席
  • Member of Disciplinary Chair Committee of Securities and Futures Commission 證監會轄下紀律研訊主席委員會成員
  • Legal Adviser of Office of the Ombudsman申訴專員公署法律顧
  • Deputy High Court Judge, Court of First Instance of HKSAR (January-February 2017)
  • Chairman, Municipal Services Appeal Board
  • Deputy Chairman, Inland Revenue Board of Review
  • Member, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (Financial Institutions) Review Tribunal
  • Member, Payment Systems and Stored Value Facilities Appeals Tribunal
  • Member, Deposit Protection Appeals Tribunal
  • Chairman, Standing Committee on Discipline of Hong Kong Bar Association

Court of Final Appeal

  • Cheung Kwai Yin v. Moral Luck Finance Ltd (2015) 18 HKCFAR 343 (civil procedure)
  • Tradepower (Holdings) Ltd. (in liquidation) v. Tradepower (Hong Kong) Ltd. & others (2009) 12 HKCFAR 417 (insolvency law, company law)
  • Hebei Enterprises Ltd v. Livasiri & Co. (a firm) (2008) 11 HKCFAR 321 (professional negligence case)

Court of Appeal

  • Xiamen Xinjingdi Group v. Eton Properties Ltd [2016] 2 HKLRD 1106 (arbitration law, trust law, tort law and conflicts of law)
  • Lee Yuk Shing v. Dianoor International Ltd (in liquidation) [2016] 4 HKC 535 (tort law, commercial law)
  • Grand Field Group Holdings Ltd v. Chu King Fai & Others [2016] 1 HKLRD 1316 (company law)
  • Lin Heung Tea House v. Guangzhou Catering Services Enterprises Group Co Ltd [2015] 4 HKC 333 (trade marks law)
  • Tsai Shao Chung v. Asia Television & Others [2012] 4 HKLRD 52 (company law)
  • SFC v. Cheung Keng Ching & Others [2011] 4 HKC 453 (securities law)
  • Xiamen Xinjingdi Group v. Eton Properties Ltd & Others [2011] 1 HKLRD 781 (arbitration law)
  • Bang & Olufsen A/S v. To Hok Chung [2007] 1 HKLRD 85 (CA) (registered design law)

Court of First Instance / District Court

  • Lo Yuk Sui v. Fubon Bank (HK) Ltd [2016] 1 HKC 462 (contract law, commercial law)
  • Joint Administrators of African Minerals Ltd v. Madison Pacific Trust Ltd [2015] 4 HKC 215 (insolvency law, conflicts of law)
  • Ngan In Leng & Others v. Chu Yuet Wah (No. 1) [2013] 1 HKLRD 717; (No. 2) [2013] 1 HKLRD 740 (civil procedure)
  • Re New Smart Energy Group Ltd [2013] 1 HKLRD 506 (company law)
  • Macau First Universal International Ltd [2012] 2 HKLRD 494 (company law)
  • Kinform Ltd v. Tsui Loi & Others (No. 1) [2011] 5 HKLRD 57; (No. 2) [2011] 5 HKLRD 80 (contempt of court)
  • Re Mandarin Capital Advisory Ltd [2011] 2 HKLRD 1003 (company law)
  • Apple Daily Ltd v. Oriental Press Group Ltd [2011] 2 HKC 28 (copyright law)
  • Oriental Press Group Ltd v. Tung Lai Lam [2011] 2 HKC 294 (anti-discrimination law)
  • Re Victorious Run Ltd [2010] 3 HKLRD 473 (company law)