Teresa Wu

  • 1995-1998 LLB, University of Hong Kong (First Class Honours)
  • 1998-1999 PCLL, University of Hong Kong (with distinctions)
  • 1999-2000 BCL, Hertford College, Oxford University (with prizes)


Teresa received her legal education from the University of Hong Kong and graduated with a First Class Honours in LLB and completed her PCLL with distinctions in subjects. She also obtained the post-graduate BCL degree from Oxford University where she was awarded prizes before she was called to the Bar in 2000. She subsequently joined Des Voeux Chambers a year later.


Teresa has a broad civil practice with a strong focus and a particular emphasis on inheritance, wills, probate and trusts matters.

She advises on and acts in claims pursuant to the Probate and Administration Ordinance (Cap. 10), Wills Ordinance (Cap. 30), Trustee Ordinance (Cap. 29), Intestates’ Estates Ordinance (Cap. 73) and Variation of Trusts Ordinance (Cap. 253).

She has developed a practice which involves the law on testamentary capacity, undue influence, lack of knowledge and approval, due execution, mutual wills, lost wills, construction of wills, domicile and jurisdiction, construction and rectification, removal of PRs and trustees, administration of estates, accounts and inquiries, variations and amendment of trusts and breach of trust claims etc.

She acts for minor beneficiaries, persons under incapacity, professional PRs and beneficiaries, and in applications for revocation of grants, accounts, removal and variations and amendments of trusts and in actions involving documents purporting to embody testamentary intentions without complying with the relevant statutory requirements etc.


Teresa also advises on the area of law that governs the ownership and tenancy in real property and in personal property and acts in cases involving:

  • Disputes over land ownership
  • Claims for equitable interests in land
  • Boundary disputes 
  • Land Survey Ordinance (Cap. 473) and Code of Practice
  • Landlocked property and access arrangements and rights of way or easements
  • Adverse possession, Limitation Ordinance (Cap. 347) and encroachment
  • Lease enforcement and lease modifications
  • Construction disputes and professional negligence
  • Co-ownership disputes, common areas under DMC and Building Management Ordinance (Cap. 344)
  • Applications for injunctive relief
  • Claims for compensation for resumption of land


Teresa’s other significant area of practice relates to the Buildings Ordinance (Cap. 123) and the subsidiary legislations including the Building (Administration) Regulations (Cap. 123A), Building Construction Regulations (Cap. 123B), Building (Planning) Regulations (Cap. 123F), Building (Appeal) Regulation (Cap. 123L), Building (Minor Works) Regulation (Cap. 123N) and the Buildings Ordinance (Application to the New Territories) Ordinance (Cap. 121).

She appears extensively in the Appeal Tribunal (Buildings), a statutory body established to hear appeals from decisions of Building Authority, in cases involving building works, approval and consent of Building Authority required for commencement of building works etc., grounds on which approval or consent may be refused by Building Authority, exempted works, demolition order, powers of exemption and discretion of Building Authority, site area, street, height, site coverage and plot ratio etc.    

Court of Final Appeal

  • China Gas Holdings Ltd v. Li Xiao Yun & Another (2016) 19 HKCFAR 522
  • Lingrade Development Ltd v. Secretary for the Environment, Transport & Works, FACV 4/2010 (2011) 14 HKCFAR 439
  • Mok Charles Peter v. Tam Wai Ho & Another, FAMV 41/2011; FAMV 11/2010; FAMV 3/2010; FACV 8/2010 (2010) 13 HKCFAR 762


Court of Appeal

  • Ho Wai Ping v. Ho Ka Man Carmen [2018] HKCA 31 [2017] 2 HKLRD 158
  • Happy Enough Ltd v. The Director of Lands [2018] 1 HKLRD 79
  • Kong Colin Chung Ping & Another v. Kong Wing On & Others, CACV 69/2015; CACV 72/2014
  • Longest Profit (Hong Kong) Ltd v. Appeal Tribunal (Buildings), CACV 60/2013
  • Chun Tat Paper Co Ltd v. Wong Ip Cheng & Another, CACV 31/2012 [2013] 1 HKLRD 571
  • Rich Village Ltd v. Grand Pride Holdings Ltd & Another, CACV 224/2012 [2013] 1 HKLRD 389
  • Sky Wide Development Ltd & Others v. Building Authority, CACV 321/2008 [2011] 5 HKLRD 202
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  • The Joint & Several Liquidators of Nardu Co Ltd (In Liquidation) v. Gu Lai Yun & Others, CACV 244/2007 [2008] 4 HKLRD 165
  • Sham Chi Keung v. Directors of Lands, CACV 189/2006 [2007] 1 HKLRD 374
  • Nantong Angang Garments Co Ltd v. Hellmann International Forwarders Ltd, CACV 64/2005


Court of First Instance

  • Celebrity Special Situations Fund I LP (formerly known as Donglin Special Situations Fund I LP) v. China Linkage International Ltd [2018] HKCFI 63
  • Chan Yu Hong v. Cham Kam Hong & Others, HCMP 888/2013
  • Building Authority v. Appeal Tribunal (Buildings) [2017] 3 HKLRD 818
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  • Leung Hon Wai v. Secretary for Home Affairs, HCAL 103/2015
  • Lei Wan Chang, sole executrix of the estate of Lei Zi Qing, deceased v. Yuen Ho Yuen, HCA 1895/2011
  • Lam Chi Ying (in her personal capacity and as the Administratix of the Estate of Lui Hung (alias Lui Chun Hung, deceased) v. To Pik Ha (in her personal capacity and as the Administratix of the Estate of Lui Wai Hang, deceased), HCA 1930/2013 & HCMP 557/2013
  • Shochiro Satake v. Fu Chu, Yun Chung Joan, the Administratix of the Estate of Fu Dze Yuen, deceased and in her personal capacity, HCAP 2/2015
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  • Cho Man Kit v. Broadcasting Authority, HCAL 69/2007


Lands Tribunal/Appeal Tribunal (Buildings)

  • Tsang Luk Yuk Yin & Others v. The Secretary for the Environment, Transport & Works, LDMR 3/2005 [2008] 2 HKLRD 33
  • Au-Yeung Ping Ki trading as Clear Optical v. The Director of Lands, LDLR 2/2010
  • Data Key Ltd v. The Director of Lands, LDLR 6/2009
  • Noble Grace Ltd v. Building Authority, BA 144/2005
  • Sky Ace Enterprises Ltd v. Building Authority, BA 536/2011
  • Siu Kwok Wah v. Building Authority, BA 567/2010
  • Holdwin Ltd v. Building Authority, BA 890/2008
  • Profit Surplus Ltd v. Building Authority, BA 1228/2008


  • 2018 Legal Adviser, Private Columbaria Appeal Board
  • April 2014 Deputy District Judge
  • 2014 Legal Adviser, Fishermen Claims Appeal Board
  • 2013 Legal Adviser, Travel Agents Registry, Tourism Commission
  • 2013 Legal Adviser, EMSD Disciplinary Boards
  • 2010 Legal Adviser, Licensing Appeals Board
  • 2006-2008 Legal Adviser, Nursing Council
  • 2002-2004 Part-Time Tutor, University of Hong Kong (Legal Skills & Contract)
  • Land Resumption and Land Claims by way of Case Studies (May 2015)
  • Updates on the Law Relating to Buildings and Town Planning in Hong Kong (September 2015) (with Miss Jacqueline Law as co-speaker)
  • The Legal Aspect of Approval and Disapproval of Building Plans (October 2016) (with Mr Justin Lam & Miss Jacqueline Law as co-speakers)
  • Contributor to Company Law in Hong Kong – Insolvency (Sweet & Maxwell (Asia))