Sharon Yuen

  • LLM, Harvard Law School (2016)
  • PCLL, University of Hong Kong (2015)
  • LLB, University of Hong Kong (2014)
  • BBA (Law), University of Hong Kong (2012)

Year of call

  • 2017

Practice areas

Conveyancing & Property
Media & Entertainment
Public International
Regulatory & Securities
Shipping & Insurance
Trust & Probate


Sharon completed her BBA (Law) and LLB degree at the University of Hong Kong with First Class Honours, and went on to complete her LLM degree at Harvard Law School. She joined Chambers as a tenant in 2017 after completion of her pupillage with Mr. Jose-Antonio Maurellet SC, Ms. Maggie Wong, Mr. John Hui and Mr. Christopher Chain.

Sharon is developing a broad civil practice encompassing company and insolvency work, property and trusts matters, and a wide spectrum of other civil and commercial disputes. She appears regularly in courts as a sole advocate or a led junior.

She has also been appointed as a part-time lecturer of law (non-clinical) in Equity and Trusts at the University of Hong Kong for the academic year 2017-2018.

 Company and Insolvency

  • Re Jessop & Baird (Hong Kong) Limited (Unrep., HCA 352/2016, 28 November 2017)  – striking out of winding up petition (led by Mr. José-Antonio Maurellet SC)
  • Kwok Hiu Kwan v. Convoy Global Holdings Ltd & Ors [2018] HKCFI 1729 – resisting injunction to restrain sale of Listco shares (led by Dr. William Wong SC, JP, with Mr. Michael Lok and Mr. Lai Chun Ho)
  • Kwok Hiu Kwan v. Johnny Chen & Ors [2018] HKCFI 2112 – resisting injunction to restrain disqualification of votes at general meetings of Listco (led by Dr. William Wong SC, JP, with Mr. Michael Lok and Mr. Lai Chun Ho)
  • Re China Shanshui Investment Company Limited [2018] CFI 1184 - application to reconvene extraordinary general meeting (led by Simon Westbrook SC, with Mr. Alexander Tang and Mr. Kevin Lau)
  • Re X Ltd and Y Ltd (Unrep.,HCCW 118-119/2017, 30 August 2017) – application for sanction by provisional liquidators to sell all business of the company (led by Mr. José-Antonio Maurellet SC and with Mr. Michael Lok); appointment of provisional liquidators (with Mr. Michael Lok)
  • Re Noble Crest Limited & Ors (HCA 596/2017, HCMP 597/2017, HCMP 599/2017) – rectification of information on the Companies Registry (as sole advocate)
  • Re Quantum Enhanced Fund (HCCW 102/2017) – application for substitution of petitioner in winding up proceedings (as sole advocate)
  • Re Amylinear International Limited and Amylin Enterprises Limited (Unrep., HCMP 3596-3597/2016, 12 July 2017) – leave to convene shareholders’ meeting under section 570 of Cap. 622 (with Mr. Michael Lok)

General Civil and Commercial

  • Re Jessop & Baird (Hong Kong) Limted [2017] 5 HKLRD 314 - appointment of receiver over all assets of a company (led by Mr. José-Antonio Maurellet SC)
  • Tin Lik v Deutsche Bank AG & Ors (CACV 145/2016) – application for leave to appeal to the Court of Final Appeal on questions of equitable set-offs (with Mr. John Hui)
  • Chen Lingxia v. 中國金谷國際信託有限責任公司 (HCA 2012/2018) – resisting injunction to restrain convening of EGMs (led by Dr. William Wong SC, JP and with Mr. Allen Lam)
  • BEA v. Rongsheng International Ltd & Ors (HCMP 1912/2017) – mortgagee action (with Mr. Christopher Chain and as sole advocate for interlocutory hearings)
  • Sha Lo Tung Development Co Ltd v Persons occupying Lot Nos. 513, 1315, 1320 in DD No. 31 & Ors (HCA 1976/2017) - application for interim injunction against unidentified trespassers on New Territories Land (with Ms. Maggie Wong)
  • Goldbay Fortis v. Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited (HCA 371/2014) – procuring breach of contract, subpoena duces tecum (led by Mr. Chua Guan-Hock SC)
  • Best Dynasty v. Oswald Chan & Ors (HCA 3296/2016) – resisting O.14 application in respect of loan and option transactions (as sole advocate)
  • Chen Hongqing v. Mi Jingtian & Others (Unrep., HCMP 962/2017, 27 June 2017) – appointment of receiver over shares pursuant to Section 21M of High Court Ordinance and Section 45 of Arbitration Ordinance (led by Mr. José-Antonio Maurellet SC)
  • Li Ming v. Liu Yiu Keung & Ors (HCA 86/2018) – Resisting striking out of Statement of Claim (led by Mr. Simon Westbrook SC)
  • Chen Hongqing v Mi Jingtian & Ors [2018] HKCFI 1169 - application to discharge receivership order (led by Mr. Simon Westbrook SC and with Mr. Alexander Tang)
  • Tsoi Chik Sang Lawrence v. Fonduet Industrial Limited (HCA 4341/2003) – Examination of judgment debtor under O.49B of Rules of High Court (with Ms. Maggie Wong)
  • Chen Hongqing v. Mi Jingtian & Others (HCMP 962/2017) – variation of costs order nisi (as sole advocate)
  • Interlocutory applications for various cyber fraud cases, including National Bank Financial Inc. v. Demeya Technology (HK) Co., Limited (as sole advocate)
  • Harvard Law School Dean’s Scholar Prize for Constitutional Law: Separation of Powers, Federalism, and Fourteenth Amendment (2016)
  • Peter Vine Postgraduate Law Scholarship (2015)
  • Jarvis and Kensington Prize for Trial Advocacy (2015)
  • Hong Kong Trustees Association Prize in Equity and Trust (2014)
  • The University of Hong Kong – Dean’s Honours List (2011, 2012, 2014)
  • The HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund (2009 - 2011)
  • The HKU Foundation Scholarship for Outstanding Students (2009 - 2011)

Part-time lecturer (non-clinical) in Equity and Trust at the University of Hong Kong (2017-2018)

English, Cantonese, Mandarin