Family Law

DVC has a strong pedigree and presence in the practice of family law in Hong Kong.

Members bring a combination of legal skills and emotional intelligence to guide lay clients through matrimonial settlements and divorce and separation cases. Members specializing in family law have handled complex family and divorce issues, identifying practical solutions, expediting outcomes, and minimalizing the impact to vulnerable individuals, especially children. Given Hong Kong’s diverse international make-up, many cases are multi-jurisdictional, and some of our members have recently played a major role in litigation spanning across Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Singapore. Members also act for interveners and third parties claiming proprietary intent in property prima facie falling within the matrimonial pool.

Members are particularly well-known for their hands-on and tenacious approach in contentious removal, relocation, wardship, and general child custody and welfare proceedings.

Many Hong Kong family cases – particularly big-money cases seeking substantial ancillary relief – concern complicated trust structures and corporations to hold matrimonial assets. This often gives rise to complex international, financial, and jurisdictional matters, including disputes as to the appropriate forum, and complex issues relating to local and foreign property and trust law, all of which are frequent features of general commercial and chancery litigation.

Members have also been involved in a Scheme for Private Adjudication to enable private Adjudication of Financial Disputes in Matrimonial and Family disputes. The scheme takes this type of dispute out of the courts and into private adjudicators’ hands, whilst maintaining Court Supervision of the process.


What the directories say:


She is praised for being “absolutely excellent" and a specialist in child custody matters. "If you want someone to really fight, she's the one; you don't want her on the other side." She focuses her practice exclusively on the family law sphere and draws regular praise for her assured handling of both matrimonial and child-related cases. Her significant expertise in complex matrimonial and financial cases involving settlements, third-party interests and family trusts sits alongside her extensive child-related experience advising on custody, care and control, wardship and Hague Convention cases. 

Chambers & Partners Greater China Region (2022)

'She can see the big picture in a case.'

Hers is a key name in the set for child law cases. 'She is excellent on children law matters.'

Legal 500 Asia Pacific HK Bar (2022)


This senior junior barrister is endorsed as  a “go-to” and “true” family law barrister, and she wins plaudits for her broad coverage of matrimonial and child-related cases. She has practised family law in the jurisdiction for almost three decades. She is “very experienced in Hong Kong and sees the big picture.” She operates across the full gamut of family law, but is particularly well versed in handling cases involving pre-and post-nuptial settlements involving companies and trusts matters, in addition to issues of jurisdiction.

This barrister focusses her practice exclusively in the family law sphere and is widely endorsed for her capable handling of matrimonial and child-related cases. She is “excellent on children matters” and “a strong matrimonial barrister, too.” Her significant expertise in complex matrimonial and financial cases involving settlements, third-party interests and family trusts sits alongside her extensive child-related experience advising on custody, care and control, wardship and Hague Convention cases. 

Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific (2021)

"Very experienced in Hong Kong, she sees the bigger picture."

"He is one of the few barristers in Hong Kong who focuses on private client and trust law and is a strong advocate that is well-prepared."

"Her quality of work is very good, making her a suitable choice for more complex legal proceedings."

"Excellent in children matters. She is one of two Leading juniors at Des Voeux Chambers who is held in high regard by peers and solicitors, particularly for her child law work."

Legal 500 Asia Pacific HK Bar (2021)


This “go-to senior junior, all-rounder matrimonial barrister knows the [family] field and is well respected by judges,” her status as “an exceptionally good, forceful but fair advocate” attracting special praise. Experienced in both the financial and child-focused spheres of the family law discipline, she offers focused expertise on ancillary relief issues, including those involving trustees, and also advises extensively on cross-jurisdictional questions.


Acting exclusively in the family law space, operating across the full spectrum of practice area disciplines, but being particularly well known for her handling of matters affecting children, including custody, care and control, removal application and wardship issues, this junior is known for being “very detail-focused and very, very well prepared.” She is also lauded as a “tough and well-respected advocate who is not afraid of a scrap” when the occasion demands it.

Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific (2020)


Winning plaudits for “see[ing] the big picture” and “addressing matters holistically” this junior is also acclaimed as being “very experienced and for being a great practitioner” in the financial and child-related sectors within the Family law arena.

Fight[ing] her corner particularly tenaciously,” this junior is respected for her work in family matters “operating in both the financial and custody spaces, her expertise covering nuptial settlements, ancillary relief and third-party interests.” She is best known for her work where the interests of children are concerned.

Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific (2019)


Characterised as being a very experienced practitioner who is popular among family law solicitors, one of DVC's members is well-known for “being able to address all different aspects” of family law and for being able to “operate across the family spectrum for financial and child-related issues.” Another member “devotes her entire practice to family law matters covering all branches of the discipline,” and is respected for being “one of the most experienced handlers of children's matters.”

Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific (2018)



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Family Law