Maritime Week Legal Forum 2019

09 December 2019

The Maritime Week 2019 Legal Forum, “Maritime Dispute Resolutions in A Weak Market – Is mediation a feasible alternative resolution?” was successfully held by the Hong Kong and Mainland Legal Profession Association (“the HKMLPA”) on 19 November 2019 in the Department of Justice Function Hall. Mr. Liu Chun Hua, Director-General of the Department of Law of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR extended his welcome remarks... Click here to read more

Presentation to be postponed

25 November 2019

Please note that this event has been cancelled due to recent unrest in Hong Kong and will be deferred. Date to be confirmed shortly.  A presentation involving a review of a landmark case in Insolvency 10 years on featuring DVC’s Anson Wong SC Click here to read more

DVC’s Winnie Tam SC chaired a session entitled Global Justice and Globetrotting Judges

11 November 2019

In a talk entitled Global justice and globetrotting judges, DVC's Winnie Tam SC, JP chaired a world cafe style session at the recent IBA Conference in Seoul on 24th September. The session explored the issues associated with the administration of and delivery of justice in international courts. The speakers also contemplated the unique position of foreign judges who sit in appellate courts of domestic jurisdiction. The Hon. Mr Justice Joseph... Click here to read more

A presentation involving a review of a landmark case in Insolvency 10 years on featuring DVC’s Anson Wong SC

07 November 2019

If you are interested in joining DVC's Anson Wong SC and ONC's Ludwig Ng for a CPD accredited presentation that takes a look at the milestone Tradepower case 10 years on, please register through the link below. The presentation will consider  the complexities, challenges and the changes that arose from the case and how these have shaped the landscape since then.   Click here to read more

Hong Kong Maritime Week 2019 Legal Forum

06 November 2019

Can mediation be used as an effective dispute resolution tool in the shipping industry? Mediation offers myriad benefits in the form of cost-effectiveness and expediency: it is also not  restricted to a binary “winner-loser” outcome  in the way that litigation is but rather, envisages a “mutual gains outcome.”  Join DVC's Douglas Lam SC as he discusses these advantages and more, in a panel also moderated by DVC's Sabrina Ho. Click... Click here to read more

Two members from DVC are appointed to a new Sub-committee set up in October on Outcome Related Fee Structures for Arbitration

01 November 2019

Hong Kong lawyers are currently precluded from charging fees dependent or contingent upon the outcome of an arbitration. As part of an effort to review the current position relating to outcome related fee structures for arbitration, a Sub-Committee has been constituted to consider whether reform is needed to the relevant law and regulatory framework and, if so, to make  recommendations for reform as appropriate. DVC's José-Antonio Maurellet SC and Benny... Click here to read more

A series of videos featuring DVC’s Daniel Fung SC, JP in his position as Chairman of Cambridge Global Conversations

30 October 2019

1) In a live Economist presentation that took place on 5th October and "chased the sun" by starting in Hong Kong, moving on to Manchester and wrapping up in Chicago, DVC's Daniel Fung SC, JP addressed questions about understanding and unpicking China's ambitions and geopolitical interests set against a backdrop of HK's current protest movement. Listen to Daniel's views as aired in the first link below (at 2.11.20) 2) As part of a... Click here to read more

“Inspiration vs Appropriation: Well-known Trademarks in Hong Kong, China and around the World” - a collaborative presentation by DVC and DLA

25 October 2019

Differences between satire, parody and pastiche as well as the phenomenon known as Shanzhai were discussed in a joint IP presentation featuring DVC's Winnie Tam SC, JP, CW Ling and Stephanie Wong and their counterparts, Ed Chatterton and Liam Blackford from DLA Piper. In a seminar entitled "Inspiration or Appropriation: Well known Trademarks in Hong Kong, China and around the World, DVC and DLA joined forces on 17th October to home in on... Click here to read more