Hong Kong Maritime Week 2019 Legal Forum

11 October 2019

Can mediation be used as an effective dispute resolution tool in the shipping industry? Mediation offers myriad benefits in the form of cost-effectiveness and expediency: it is also not  restricted to a binary “winner-loser” outcome  in the way that litigation is but rather, envisages a “mutual gains outcome.”  Join DVC's Douglas Lam SC as he discusses these advantages and more, in a panel also moderated by DVC's Sabrina Ho. Click... Click here to read more

Is Hong Kong a Victor or a Victim in the US-China Trade War?

08 October 2019

“An Oxford Study that came out after the Umbrella Movement showed that out of 136 countries [polled] globally, in terms of inequality; top of the list, no surprise, was …. Swaziland where one person owned 99% of the GDP. Second on the list was a huge surprise to everybody….. because we all think that the real inequality exists in places like China, Sub-Saharan Africa, Russia, etc. But in fact, number... Click here to read more

A World of Difference: Cambridge Global Conversations

25 September 2019

A Conversation with DVC’s Daniel Fung SC, QC, GBS, JP, FCIArb Many of today’s most fundamental conversations about global problems take place in an echo-chamber where only existing perceptions are reinforced. CGC, the newly set up education platform, seeks to redress this by illuminating complex and multi-layered problems with a view to delivering innovative insights and strategically disseminating the conversation to promote engagement. In this interview with DVC’s Daniel Fung... Click here to read more

IBA Conference Seoul 2019

23 September 2019

Sharing strategic insights on the state of play of many of the world's most pressing issues including rising populism, bullying, sexual harrassment and AI, a diverse range of speakers came together today before a global audience at the IBA Conference in Seoul.  DVC's Winnie Tam SC, JP will be part of a deep dive discussion on intellectual property issues later this week. And in relation to the intersection between intellectual... Click here to read more

What can we learn from the first two competition cases in Hong Kong?

09 September 2019

In an illuminating seminar on recent competition enforcement actions in Hong Kong, DVC’s Richard Leung JP, Connie Lee and Tommy Cheung presented a dynamic discussion centering on two milestone competition cases before 60 members of the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries ( HKICS) on 5th September. Delivering strategic insights on the current state of play and the challenges that can sometimes be encountered in this context,  the presentation was geared... Click here to read more

Newly appointed Director of the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre

04 September 2019

DVC is delighted to announce that Richard Leung, JP was appointed a director of the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre on 2nd September 2019. Click here to read more

A discussion centring on new developments underpinning the concept of Modified Universalism

27 August 2019

Set against the backdrop of cross-border insolvency, Look-Chan Ho and Tiffany Chan delivered an insightful contemplation of the concept of modified universalism at a course organised by Lex Ominbus. Braided with a multitude of landmark cases, including Re China Solar Energy Holdings Limited, Re CW Advanced Technologies, and China Medical Technologies Inc v Samson Tsang Tak Yung, the insolvency specialists presented their seminar before a lively audience of about 50... Click here to read more

How is the architecture of Funding and Interim Relief in the context of Litigation and Arbitration changing? Find out from DVC’s Sabrina Ho

26 August 2019

Glean some practical insights into Litigation and Arbitration: Funding and Interim Relief  as DVC's Sabrina Ho covers a myriad of new developments and recent case law pertaining to this topic pitched at an intermediate level at a CPD accredited course run by Lexis-Nexis on 9th October 2019. Please see below and click here to view further details of the upcoming seminar   Click here to read more

DVC’s Eva Leung to speak at a thought leadership event on Tax Law

23 August 2019

DVC's Eva Leung will be speaking at a Lexis-Nexis CPD accredited event on 18th September on Tax Law. Specifically she will be providing a practical guide for dealing with tax related issues  including the activities giving rise to profits tax, the source concept, and deductible expenses. She will also weave in relevant developments in this sector and recent case law.  Please see the flyer below for further details.  To sign up to hear... Click here to read more