Joseph Tse SC

  • LL.B. University of Hong Kong (1983)
  • PCLL University of Hong Kong (1984)


  • 1984 (Hong Kong)
  • 2006



Joseph was called to the Hong Kong Bar in 1984 and commenced practice in 1985. He was appointed as a Senior Counsel in 2006. Joseph practises in criminal law with expertise and interest in white collar crime cases involving, inter alia, the ICAC. He was a graduate and a post-graduate of the School of Law of the University of Hong Kong as it was known at the time.

Senior Vice Chairman of the Bar Council, Hong Kong Bar Association in 2015-2016

Member of the Bar Council, Hong Kong Bar Association in 2002-2007

Rotating Chairman of the Duty Lawyer Service Council 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2018

Executive Committee member of The Society for the Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong (SRACP)

Chairman of The Service Development Committee and a Project Consultant to its Mock Trial Programme

Honorary Consultant on Mock Trial Justice Education Project of The SRACP since 2008

Member of The Service Development Committee of SRACP 2012-13, its Vice-Chairperson 2013-15, and its Chairperson since 2015

Member of The Executive Committee of SRACP since 2014

HKSAR v Tse Sui-luen DCCC 350/2006

Defended the self-made entrepreneur on charges of bribery and theft which spanned over a period of 10 years and which involved over $10 million, but successfully secured a very short sentence of 2 years’ imprisonment

HKSAR v Chan Chi-wan, Stephen DCCC 1214/2010

Successively defended the Managing Director of TVB on charges of corruption in relation to his acceptance of secret rewards in hosting a show. The acquittals were later overturned by the Court of Appeal but restored by the Court of Final Appeal the judgment of which is now the leading authority on corruption offences in the private sector.

HKSAR v Chui Wing-nin ESS 27729 & 27730/2011

Defended the accused who was the accounts manager in Citic Pacific an allegation of insider dealing during the very serious financial crisis the group was in. His conviction was overturned by the Court of First Instance (HCMA 15/13).

HKSAR v Hui Rafael Junior and others HCCC 98/2013

Successfully prosecuted the ex-Chief Secretary of the HKSAR and some of the senior management of SHK on corruption and misconduct in public office offences. Their appeals were dismissed by the Court of Appeal and the Court of Final Appeal.

HKSAR v Lew Mon-hung HCCC 561/2013

Successfully defended the businessman, column writer and political commentator against charges of Conspiracies to Defraud and Money Laundering. He was convicted separately of perverting the course of justice (DCCC 819/2013) during the investigation of this case when he sent emails and letters to Mr. CY Leung the Chief Executive of HKSAR and the Commissioner of the ICAC to call a halt to his investigation. His appeal to the Court of Final Appeal (FAMC 50/2018) was dismissed.

HKSAR v Wong Ying-ho, Kennedy DCCC 190/2017

Successfully defended the well-known accused on charges of corruption relating to his efforts in the relisting of failed public companies.

HKSAR v Wong Wai-ho CACC 38/2017

Represented the accused who is the 7th police officer prosecuted for assaulting Mr. Tsang Kin Chiu during the Occupy Central Movement. His conviction was quashed on appeal.

HKSAR v Fung Wing Yip, Wilson DCCC 761/2018 Successfully defended the accused who was a senior ex-government official against a charge of accepting bribes from his secret lover in his acquisition of a property in Hong Kong. His conviction on Misconduct in Public Office is currently on appeal.

HKSAR v Lui Chung Yan Grace STCC 3642/2019

Successfully defended the accused who was a doctor in a public hospital against a charge of accepting an advantage over the gift a watch from a grateful ex-patient.

HKSAR v Leung Kar Cheung, Catherine DCCC 504/2019

Successfully defended the Managing Director of JP Morgan Securities (Asia-Pacific) Ltd against a charge of offering an advantage over the employment of the son of the Chairman of Kerry Logistics Networks Ltd under the bank’s Sons & Daughters Program in return for the Chairman’s influence over the selection of the bank in the company’s upcoming initial public offering.

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