Sakinah Sat

  • BA (Jurisprudence), University of Oxford
  • BCL, University of Oxford
  • PCLL, University of Hong Kong


Sakinah obtained both her BA (Jurisprudence) and BCL from the University of Oxford. She joined Des Voeux Chambers in 2019 upon completion of her pupillage with Mr. Derek Chan SC, Mr. Alan Kwong, Mr. Christopher Chain and Mr. Jason Yu. She was awarded the Bar Scholarship in 2018.

Sakinah has a broad civil and commercial practice, including intellectual property, company and insolvency, commercial, probate and trusts matters, property and arbitration. She accepts instructions for both advocacy and advisory work, and has appeared in the High Court both in her own right and as junior counsel.

The Joint and Several Trustees of the Property of So Ching Wan (now a discharged bankrupt) v Assen Limited (in liquidation) & ors HCB 4475/2002 (resisting application under section 29 of the Bankruptcy Ordinance, led by Mr. Anson Wong SC and Mr. Alan Kwong)

Re Hsin Chong Construction (Asia) Limited HCCW 316/2018 (winding up petition, as sole advocate)

Re Wu Lianmo HCB 5250/2019 (bankruptcy petition, as sole advocate)

張月清Tsui Yiu Hei HCMP 875/2018, HCMP 602/2019 & HCMP 845/2019 (contempt proceedings, led by Ms. Connie Lee)

Wong Luen Hang & anor v Topmix Industrial Ltd & ors HCMP 1064/2019, HCMP 1065/2019 (resisting application under section 740 of the Companies Ordinance, led by Mr. Alan Kwong)

Re Global Succeed Group Limited HCCW 210/2019 (winding up petition, as sole advocate)

Re Lee Sing Leung Robin HCB 3709/2019 (bankruptcy petition, as sole advocate)

Kung Kin Wing & anor v Splendid Profit International Holdings Limited & ors HCIP 78/2019 (acting for plaintiff in trial on trademark ownership, led by Ms. Sabrina Ho; application for interlocutory injunction, led by Mr. CW Ling)

Re Seafrigo Hong Kong Limited HCMP 2147/2019 (unfair prejudice petition, as sole advocate)

Wong To Yick Wood Lock Ointment Ltd v Sing & Japan International Technology Limited HCA 2589/2014, HCA 562/2014 & HCMP 1550/2014 (resisting specific discovery application, led by Ms. Winnie Tam SC and Mr. Colin Shipp)

Re Carnival Group International Holdings Limited HCCW 48/2020 (winding up petition, as sole advocate)

Progetto Jewellery Company Limited v Lau Chiu Ying & anor HCA 2548/2014 (resisting application for leave to appeal, as sole advocate)

GM Commercial Consultants Corp v Euro-Asia Zhong Ji (HK) Limited HCMP 2025/2019 (application for order for sale, as sole advocate)

So Keung Yip & Sin v Gold Horn International Enterprises Group Ltd & anorSo Keung Yip & Sin v Golden Hero International Development Ltd & anorGold Horn International Enterprises Group Ltd & ors v So Keung Yip & Sin HCA 1027/2019, HCA 1639/2019 & HCMP 1164/2019 (application for summary judgment and imposition of conditions for taxation of solicitor's bills, led by Mr. Christopher Chain)

Cheung Lai Mui v Cheung Wai Shing & ors HCA 1652/2012 (application for payment out of sums paid into Court, as sole advocate)

Re AGW Holdings Limited HCCW 225/2011 (discovery application, as sole advocate)

Zhang Jizhi v Hong Kong TV International Media Group Limited & anor HCA 624/2019 (resisting application for summary judgment, led by Mr. Christopher Chain)

  • Bar Scholarship [2018]

English, Mandarin and Cantonese