林定韵 大律师

  • 伦敦大学学院法学士 (1998)
  • 香港大学法学专业证书 (1999)


  • 1999 (香港)


Commercial Crime
Employment Law
Media and Entertainment
Property and Building Management



林大律师在竞争法领域具有丰富经验。她在 Competition Commission v Nutanix Hong Kong Ltd & Ors一案中提供法律意见并参与聆讯,此案为2015年12月《竞争条例》生效后第一宗在竞争事务审裁处审理的案件。林大律师也曾为许多大型电讯商提供法律咨询服务,为其解决 关于牌照和竞争法的各类问题。其中,她曾两度代表电讯盈科参与电讯(竞争条文)上诉委员会的聆讯,这是香港最早的两宗关于竞争法的案件(在该案中,林大律师与英国御用大律师 Peter Roth 爵士合作,Peter Roth 爵士现任英格兰及威尔斯高等法院法官,及英国竞争上诉审裁处主席)。2016年1月,林大律师被任命为香港竞争事务委员会外部法律顾问。林大律师亦是香港大律师公会竞争法委员会的成员。2016年12月,林大律师被香港大律师公会推荐,赴伦敦以竞争法为专长的 Monckton 大律师事务所观摩学习。2017年,林大律师于伦敦国王学院完成了欧盟竞争法的深造文凭。

林大律师在处理市场失当行为方面经验丰富。她曾在相关的纪律处分程序中代表个人、企业或证券及期货事务监察委员会。她曾代表证监会申请并成功取得针对洪良国际控股有限公司的资产冻结令(冻结资产达港币9.97亿元),该申请的基础是《证券及期货条例》第213条。她也曾代表 Jun Du 成功申请修改资产冻结令,降低冻结资产的数额。她曾在内幕交易审裁处参与对 China Apollo Holdings Limited 提起的为期35日的聆讯,及对 HKCB Bank Holding Co Ltd 及 Lippo China Resources Ltd 提起的内幕交易初步申请,亦曾多次参与证券及期货事务上诉审裁处的纪律研讯。 


在有关国泰航空提出由香港飞往上海、北京及厦门的航线申请中代表港龙航空公司;代表长江集团附属公司 Turbo Top Limited 申请禁制令以限制码头工人进入长江集团大厦或在其周围空地进行抗议;代表何氏家族信托的信托人在雅佳控股的清盘案中提起资产冻结令申请;以及代表香港房屋委员会反对领辉提起的司法复核。




  • 《学术及职业资历评审条例》(第592章)上诉委员会及规则委员会成员(2017年至今)
  • 香港金融管理局外部法律顾问(2017年8月至今)
  • 香港会计师公会纪律委员会A小组成员(2017-2019)
  • 竞争事务委员会外部法律顾问(2016年至今)
  • 税务上诉委员会成员(2016年至今)
  • 建筑物上诉审裁处主席(2015年至今)
  • 暂委区域法院法官(2014年9月) 
  • 香港大律师公会执行委员会成员(2013年)
  • 香港中殿学院协会秘书(2012年至今)
  • Commission of Inquiry into Excess Lead Found in Drinking Water – acted with Ian Pennicott SC for China State Construction in the 67-day inquiry into excess lead found in drinking water in respect of public residential housing developments
  • Sin Chung Yin Ronald & Ors v The Dental Council of Hong Kong (2016) 19 HKCFAR 528 – appeared for the Appellants (lead by Johnny Mok SC) in the Court of Final Appeal in overturning the Dental Council and Court of Appeal’s judgments in convicting the Appellants for disciplinary offences and successfully resisting an application to remit the matter back to the Dental Council for reconsideration
  • Better Marine International Limited v Zhong Shan Company Limited, HCA 958/2014, 30 November 2016 – acted for the Plaintiff in a trial hearing in claiming successfully against the Defendant for commission arising out of as ship brokerage contract
  • Dragonrider Opportunity Fund LP v Lam Fung (CA) [2014] HKC 253 (CA) – Validity of put option notice and enforcement of share charge.
  • GE Transportation (Shenyang) Co Ltd v Lu Jinxiang [2014] HKEC 253 (CFI) – Civil Contempt – Breach of Interim Arbitral Order and High Court Enforcement Order.
  • Turbo Top Ltd v Lee Cheuk Yan & Ors [2013] 3 HKC 578; [2013] 3 HKLRD 41 – Right of demonstration and assembly – Trespass – Interlocutory injunction to restrain dock workers from entering Cheung Kong Center, protesting and keeping temporary structures in public open space.
  • Wingames Investments Ltd & Ors v Mascot Land Ltd & Ors [2013] 3 HKC 444; [2013] 2 HKLRD 521 (CFI) – Security for costs – Whether plaintiffs not to be deprived of right to prosecute claims despite conscious decision not to provide security and delay - Transfer to Commercial List.
  • Wingames Investments Ltd & Ors v Mascot Land Ltd & Ors [2013] 5 HKC 45; [2013] 1 HKLRD 1186 (CA) – Mandatory injunction effectively determining parties’ substantive rights should not have been made at interlocutory stage in the absence of an application by the parties.
  • HKSAR v Chan Chun Chuen [2012] 5 HKC 35; [2012] 3 HKLRD 265 – Committal proceedings - Charge of forgery and use of false instrument arising from events following death of Mrs Nina Wang – Application for stay of proceedings.
  • Re Moulin Global Eyecare Holdings Ltd (2009) 12 HKCFAR 621; [2010] 1 HKC 90; [2009] 4 HKLRD 203 – Application of “Internal Management Rule” in Royal British Bank v Turquand – Loan Agreement - Floating Charge in Debenture.
  • Akai Holdings Ltd (in compulsory liquidation) & Ors v Ho Wing On Christopher [2009] HKEC 1437 (HCCL 37, 37F & 40/2005, 1 September 2009) – Mareva injunction – Appointment of receiver – Application for leave to join as party by trustee of the Ho Family Trust.
  • Tsang Wai Lun Wayland & Anor v. Chu King Fai & Ors [2009] 5 HKLRD 105 – Appointment of additional directors by board invalid where predominant purpose was to entrench control of management - Difference between derivative action where a wrong was done to the company and an action by a shareholder with a personal grievance against company.
  • Wynn Resorts (Macau) SA v. Mong Henry [2009] 5 HKC 515 – Whether proceedings by Wynn Resorts Macau and Wynn Las Vegas in Hong Kong to recover alleged gambling debts totaling US$6.75 million should be stayed in favour of Macau and Las Vegas – Whether basis of suit was under a credit agreement or the marker.
  • Re Grand Field Group Holdings Ltd [2009] 3 HKC 81 – Leave to bring derivative action under s.168BC of Companies Ordinance – Breach of fiduciary duties of directors.
  • UDL Holdings Ltd v Leung Yuet Keung [2008] 6 HKC 127 (CFI); [2009] HKEC 1532 (CA); [2010] HKEC 214 (CFA) – Breach of director’s fiduciary duties – No conflict and no profit rules – Bidding on judicial auction of vessel.
  • China Map Ltd v. Commissioner of Inland Revenue (2008) 11 HKCFAR 486 (CFA); [2007] 4 HKLRD 247 (CA); [2006] 3 HKLRD 719 (CFI) – whether the Board of Review had committed an error of law in dismissing the taxpayers’ appeals without making a finding that the taxpayers were carrying on a trade or an adventure or concern in the nature of trade.
  • Lo Siu Lan v. Hong Kong Housing Authority (2004) 7 HKCFAR 631; [2005] 2 HKLRD 208 (CFA); [2004] HKCU 1472 (CA) – Judicial review - decision to divest retail and car park facilities in connection with the public listing of Link REIT.
  • Re Precast Piling and Engineering Co Ltd (In Liq) [2005] 2 HKC 10 – Winding up – Proof of debts – Secured creditor failed to disclose security by inadvertence – whether security surrendered.
  • Middle Temple Advocacy Scholarship [2001]


  • Contributor, Butterworths Hong Kong Legal Dictionary [2004]


  • Important Issues and Procedure in Obtaining Injunctions in Hong Kong [2008]
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dangers & The Civil Enforcement of Securities Violations in Hong Kong [2016]