International Trade

This area of law includes contracts for the overseas sale and carriage of goods, documentary credits, conflict of law issues concerning these matters, and shipping and admiralty matters. With the huge rise in e-commerce, and rapid growth in international markets (especially in the PRC), this area has considerable significance.

Mediation offers myriad benefits when used as a dispute resolution tool in the shipping industry. In addition to cost-effectiveness and expediency, it is also not restricted to a binary ‘winner-loser’ outcome in the way that litigation is, but rather envisages a ‘mutual gains’ outcome.

DVC has a number of seasoned practitioners who practice in international trade.


What the directories say: 


He is commended for being “one of the brightest and best-regarded juniors in Hong Kong," and for being a barrister who "possesses a unique and effective way of explaining complex strategies to clients." He regularly attracts praise for his "very busy" caseload and “the impressive range of his practice, which incorporates particular strengths in company and corporate law, shipping and insolvency issues.” 

He is brilliant. "He is acclaimed as an "excellent advocate and cross-examiner," He maintains a wide-ranging commercial litigation practice spanning shipping, securities and financial services-related disputes.

Chambers & Partners Greater China Region (2022)

'An excellent advocate and cross-examiner.' 

'The pre-eminent SC in shipping in Hong Kong.' 

'One of the most user-friendly members of the Bar. Incredibly bright.' 

'He is a tenacious and very experienced advocate.' 

'He has good advocacy skills and legal knowledge, and is excellent on paper. He is unfazed by more senior opponents.'

Legal 500 Asia Pacific HK Bar (2022)


This silk wins plaudits from a diverse range of sources, who view him as “a supreme advocate” and “one of the best all-round silks in Hong Kong.” His advocacy skills receive widespread praise from instructing solicitors and peers, and his wide-ranging commercial litigation practice spans shipping, securities and financial services-related disputes. He acted for the plaintiff in Bright Shipping Ltd v Changhong Group (HK) Ltd, a case concerning a maritime collision between a Hong Kong flag cargo vessel and a Panamanian flag tanker in international waters in the East China Sea.

Extremely bright and capable,” this counsel is known for being “excellent at thinking on his feet” and “comes up with practical solutions and possesses a unique and effective way of explaining complex strategies to clients.” He attracts praise for the impressive range of his practice, which incorporates particular strengths in company and corporate law, shipping and insolvency issues. “He is our go-to counsel at DVC, and is one of the brightest, most diligent junior counsels in Hong Kong. He is very well regarded by judges and his submissions always carry great weight.” 

Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific (2021)

"One of the best all-round Silks in Hong Kong.  He has  a pedigree of practicing for a decade in London."

"Counsel of choice in shipping disputes, whenever there is a difficult and novel point of law. He is very experienced and also has a track record of the jurisdiction's key shipping cases."

"Extremely bright and capable, he is excellent at thinking on this feet."

Legal 500 Asia Pacific HK Bar (2021)


This newly ranked up and coming junior attracts increasing attention as a “very busy junior with a high-powered practice.” He is singled out for his “very quick mind,” “impressive advocacy skills” and “very creative readiness to argue things from a different angle.” He has built up a noteworthy body of experience of cases arising in the shipping and aviation spheres.


This silk achieves acclaim for being “a natural advocate and [for being] brilliant on his feet,” with an ability to “steer away from the bad points” while at the same time coming up with “inventive arguments.”

Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific (2020)


Noted for being “one of best advocates in Hong Kong and for being one of the city’s most versatile Silks,” This standout specialist “gets to the point expressively and persuasively.” He is “significantly active in the shipping, securities and financial services.”

Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific (2019)


In the shipping and financial arenas, one of DVC's members stands out for being “one of the best all-round Silks in Hong Kong” able to impressively “master the intricacies of several discrete branches of law” and is “admired” for being a “tenacious advocate” who takes on “hard cases” and can be “recommended for turning a losing case into a winning one.” Another Silk is acknowledged for being very “fair and hard-working,” a “very active thinker,” and “very persuasive to judges.” 

Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific (2018)

International Trade