Company Law and Insolvency

DVC houses specialists in company and insolvency law. Members have been involved in landmark company law cases, significant cross-border shareholders’ disputes, as well as insolvency and restructuring matters. Members have represented a range of financial institutions, listed and private corporations, hedge fund trustees, receivers, administrators and liquidators. Members handle matters across the spectrum pertaining to corporate governance, directors’ duties, shareholders’ disputes, and minority protection.

DVC’s members regularly appear in a variety of company disputes, including shareholders’ disputes and unfair prejudice petitions, joint venture disputes, liquidation and winding up litigations, as well as non-contentious matters such as restructuring and internal governance matters.

DVC’s members are often at the forefront spearheading changes in company and insolvency law, appearing as counsel in numerous high-profile cases.

Several members of DVC are co-authors of leading company law and insolvency texts. This includes a joint anaugural publication of Hong Kong Company Law Cases (HKCLC) with Kluwer. With contributors hailing exclusively from Des Voeux Chambers, DVC is the first mover in this space and the only chambers globally to have authored a compendium of this kind. Members regularly deliver lectures and appear at forums and more recently have produced webinars and podcasts to share their expertise.

DVC's William Wong SC, JP and Look-Chan Ho are the co-editors and the Hon. Mr. Justice Harris is the Honorary Chief Editor.


What the directories say: 


He is regarded as “the guru for corporate insolvency, especially in cross-border cases," he is also described as "an absolute brain who definitely has the ear of the companies court." He stands out for his close focus on insolvency issues, and in-depth expertise concerning them, a field to which he brings both the technical knowledge of a published authority on the subject and the practical insights derived from having practised as a solicitor in the area for over 15 years. 

He is a prominent corporate, commercial and insolvency law silk who stands out for his handling of complex company law cases and is also significantly developing his capability as both counsel and arbitrator in the international arbitration sphere. He is commended for "combining great tenacity with an unrivalled knowledge of Hong Kong company law which makes him well respected by the judiciary," he is "very succinct, very precise, very to the point, very commercial and an excellent tactician."

She is a highly visible silk who is clearly "moving up in the insolvency field," and she is commended for being "a very safe pair of hands" who is "extremely confident and composed, both on her feet and when dealing with the clients," and as "a cool, calm and proficient" advocate who "stays very on top of things and works well under pressure." She is acknowledged for her deft handling of a wide range of commercial litigation matters, but comes particularly highly recommended for her expertise in company law and insolvency disputes. 

Chambers & Partners Greater China Region (2022)


'Well known for his expertise in restructuring and insolvency work.'

'A great lateral thinker.'

'She is meticulous, calm and composed.'

'He is very knowledgeable on company law matters. He is also responsive and always has sound, practical advice. A rising star of the commercial Bar.'

Legal 500 Asia Pacific HK Bar (2022)


On the back of outstanding feedback, this silk is praised for his handling of complex company law cases. He is described as the “go-to Senior Counsel in relation to company matters” and as a “sharp-minded and creative” advocate who brings “big-picture thinking” to cases. “He’s actually top of my list for complicated company matters,” and he is accredited for his  “wealth of experience in relation to injunctions and interim relief.” “He has a huge following and solicitors love him,” and he is cited as a “very important corporate, commercial and insolvency law practitioner.” “His creativity and tactical acumen take the case in different directions in order to better the case for the client’s interest."

This "very, very seasoned counsel knows the law extremely well and is extremely talented.” He draws on over 30 years of legal practice at the Hong Kong Bar, and his broad commercial dispute resolution experience incorporates a notable emphasis on company, contractual and insolvency issues. He is praised by a further source for the breadth of his practice as a “very good all-round Senior Counsel” who is “excellent with clients and a very good advocate.” 

This silk has earned a reputation for being “very eloquent,” “very highly thought of and very sought after” senior counsel. He maintains a broad commercial dispute resolution practice, with a focus on company law matters and cases involving distressed companies. “You’re seeing him in some pretty high-profile and complex cases,” and he is described as “an advocate well respected by both his peer group and the Bench.” He has a “good understanding of all things financial and makes interesting points.”  Highlighting his expertise in insolvency and bankruptcy matters, he is noted for having “a very solid pedigree in the insolvency courts and is very familiar with recent decisions and how the law is evolving in that area.” 

Praising her ability for “dealing with difficult circumstances and clients very well,” this junior is also held in high regard for her handling of insolvency and company law disputes, in addition to contentious probate and shareholder matters.” She earns plaudits for her “superb advocacy skill, whose meticulousness provides great assistance in her cross-examination.” 

Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific (2021)


Applauded for being “basically, the god of insolvency law in Hong Kong,” this silk is described as being “in his prime.” He is also accredited for being “very quick-witted, [and an] extremely effective advocate” who is particularly “good at coming up with incisive responses to questions from the Bench.

This new Silk is recognised for being “preferred counsel of a number of leading liquidators and professional trustees and is very much front and centre in the market.” She stands out in particular for her “expertise in the insolvency sphere.

This “busy and popular company law specialist” has gained prominence for his “academic grasp of the subject, and is credited for being a “really practically-minded adviser and advocate in the company and commercial field.” He is acknowledged for being a “sound tactician with a keen sense of strategy” who “knows how best to play his cards in an adversarial case.”

This silk attracts praise not only as a “very experienced” and “smooth yet forceful advocate who knows how to cut to the chase,” but also for a breadth of practice which incorporates particular strengths in company law, restructuring and insolvency issues and matters arising in the banking industry. He is also “increasingly involved in matrimonial cases with company aspects.”

Singled out for being “good in every area he acts in,” and “one of the best all-rounder silks for corporate or commercial litigation, particularly those involving shareholder disputes,” he is further characterised as “fantastic with clients, responsive to those instructing him and a pleasure to work with,” and as “a robust and very tough advocate who prepares extremely well and whose opponents need to check and recheck their own work very thoroughly.”

Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific (2020)


Devoting much of his time to restructuring and insolvency issues, this stand-out DVC member “certainly deserves his reputation as a leading Silk” [and has a] “great presence in court” and an ability… “to get answers which get to the main points of a case, qualities which, when taken together give him an edge.”   

Noted for his niche strengths in the telecommunications, broadcasting and for insolvency cases, and known for his “very impressive thoroughness” this standout Silk is lauded for his “patient and non-aggressive style.”

Another of DVC’s Silks is pinpointed as definitely a “go-to counsel” for company law and insolvency issues, an area where he is both very much an “academic guru” and a “fantastic, very quick operator, with a lot of commercial sense…” and a “very good strategist.”

One of DVC’s members is identified as a “force of nature” and “one of the best operators at the Bar.” He is recognised as the “man to go to for company matters” and “has a natural rapport with the court.”                                                              

Lauded for “uncommon talent and extensive experience” for his level of seniority, this junior has “excellent research skills and written submissions” in the context of “company and insolvency issues.”

One of DVC’s “excellent” juniors is a “very user-friendly barrister,” is very hard-working and “keeps clients calm, reassuring them that the matter is being supported as it should be” and “presents well.” She has a “broad commercial remit [with] particularly focused expertise in company law and insurance.”

Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific (2019)


One of DVC's members stands out for being a “fantastic, first-class advocate with a lot of commercial common sense” and “a rare combination of flair, wit, incisiveness and fairness.” Credited with possessing “best in class” client management skills, he was recommended for being a “go-to Silk for company insolvency matters.”

Another one DVC's members was singled out for his “in-depth knowledge of companies litigation and for being a tough opponent [able] to fight vigorously for clients.”

Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific (2018)



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Company Law and Insolvency