Commercial Law

DVC is recognised as a pre-eminent commercial set in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a hub for commercial dispute resolution through arbitration and mediation, given its sophisticated legal system, accessibility to a considerable pool of experts and its unified regime based on UNCITRAL Model Law, as customised for the Hong Kong market. The fact that Hong Kong awards are enforceable in the majority of leading jurisdictions around the world makes it an attractive venue for dispute resolution.

DVC’s members are active as litigators, arbitrators and mediators.

Members possess a deep bench of knowledge in the commercial litigation arena, often advising on complex local and cross-jurisdictional commercial litigations. DVC’s members are also at the forefront of leading developments and precedent-setting decisions - many of which have had far-reaching repercussions on the Hong Kong landscape.

Members deploy robust legal acumen as well as sound commercial strategy in order to navigate multi-layered and thorny disputes and have a proven track record for generating commercially-driven, innovative and constructive solutions.

Niche strengths include banking, trade disputes, insurance, telecommunications, broadcasting, commercial fraud, commercial arrangements and contracts, and sale of goods, distributorship agreements amongst others.

As regards PRC related work, members are well placed to provide legal opinions in the commercial dispute and international arbitration arenas, which relate to legal procedures, matters of substance and litigation strategies.


What the directories say: 


He is “well experienced in general company law matters" and "very strong in insolvency," and lauded for being "a very practical, sensible and commercial guy who punches above his weight" and "a very smooth operator who's fantastic with clients."

He is "universally highly thought of”  and is regarded as “a go-to silk for insolvency-related matters who has handled some of the leading cases at the Hong Kong Bar.”  He is lauded for his "first-rate advocacy," ability to "formulate arguments very quickly and high level of user-friendliness.” He maintains an impressively broad commercial dispute resolution practice, with a focus on company law matters, alleged malpractice in the financial services sector and cases involving distressed companies. 

Chambers & Partners Greater China Region (2022)


'His advice is always clear, succinct and user-friendly.'

'He is a first-class litigator with a magnificent commercial sense.'

'He is a measured and steady barrister. He is an excellent advocate who is quick on his feet, and ready anytime to address an unexpected point.'

'She is a pleasure to work with. She is responsive, collaborative and efficient. She can handle all the details and technicalities of a case. A very hard-working junior.' 

'He is bright and diligent.'

Legal 500 Asia Pacific HK Bar (2022)


Singled out  as a “fantastic” and “fearsome opponent with a unique brand of advocacy,” which is described as a “very understated but powerful and effective style,” this silk provides deft handling of a wide range of commercial litigation matters, but comes particularly highly recommended for her expertise in company law and insolvency disputes. “She’s really responsive, and terrifically detail-oriented particularly on difficult points of law. She’s prepared to roll up her sleeves and get into the detail to give a very expert opinion,” enthuses a source. She is further credited for earning for “herself a strong reputation” and is “bright, very calm under pressure and one of those unflappable people who maintains a very calm style, even in the face of adversity from the Bench.”

Coming “highly recommended” as an “incredibly bright” Senior Counsel and “one of the most user-friendly members of the Bar," this barrister wins recognition for the breadth of his commercial practice, which includes particular strengths in insolvency issues, company law and cases arising in the technology, telecoms and financial services sectors. Known widely as a “very experienced advocate who is well known to the judges,” he is also praised as “super hands-on.” “Often SCs rely on the junior to do a lot of the work, but he really takes care of everything and is a very reliable person, good for clients to work with.” 

Quick to praise him for his  “very solid judgement,” this silk is “very easy to work with” and “very good at giving advice on likely outcomes.” His wide-ranging practice is rich in experience of company law and bankruptcy issues, as well as general commercial ones, including contractual breaches and professional negligence claims. He is further recognised for his “broad and busy commercial disputes practice,” going on to confirm his “good reputation for restructuring and insolvency work.”

Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific (2021)


 “A heavyweight barrister whose submissions are highly respected by the bench.

 “An outstanding senior junior: she has an excellent grasp of law, is quick to see the commercial angle in any matter and is absolutely first class with clients - she is always patient, logical and persuasive. I have every confidence that she [will be] a future star of the Hong Kong commercial bar.

 “With outstanding advocacy skills and great stamina, she can skillfully put forward concise and persuasive arguments to the judges in court or the arbitrator in an eloquent and efficient manner.

 “Meticulous, calm and composed."

 “He comes up with practical solutions to clients and possesses a unique and effective way of explaining complex strategies to clients who come pre-disposed to certain ideas.

Legal 500 Asia Pacific HK Bar (2021)


Receiving commendation for being “an eloquent, hard-working and very fair advocate who doesn't take bad points,” this silk is also noted for always being on top of his material.” While he has a “proper and polite” demeanour in court he also has an ability to “stand his ground relentlessly” when necessary, and he comes with a warning: “Don't underestimate him." His wide-ranging practice is rich in experience of company law, insolvency, taxation and international trade issues as well as general commercial ones.


With a practice that focuses principally on cross-border commercial, company and insolvency-related disputes, this silk maintains “a very busy practice,” and is well liked for his advice because he's very practical.” He is lauded for being “persuasive both on his feet and on paper, his written work in particular being “succinct, cogent and very punchy.”

Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific (2020)


This notable Silk is recognised for his very “smooth advocacy” and described as a “very experienced practitioner and natural advocate with a very busy commercial and arbitration practice.” He has a “very accommodating and patient manner with clients and solicitors,” and “he is well liked by the court because his submissions are very realistic and full of common sense.”

This DVC member is acknowledged for her “very conscientious” attention to detail and her “incredibly fierce and effective cross-examination style” [in the operation of] her “broad commercial practice.”

Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific (2019)


One of DVC's members is noted for being “one of the best all-around Silks in Hong Kong,” while peers recognise him as a “tenacious advocate” who "takes on the hard cases” and who has been “recommended for turning a losing case into a winning one.

Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific (2018)

Commercial Law